Denzel Washington Felt Like ‘Jackass’ During ‘Unstoppable’ Stunts

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He might not be one of the wild guys from Jackass, but Denzel Washington felt very much like it while shooting the high-speed train scenes and stunts for his starring role in Unstoppable.

The 55-year-old Oscar winner admits that the “stupid” stunts were more terrifying than simply jumping around in front of a green screen. 

He tells, “I felt like we were in Jackass 4 or something, some of the things we did. I don’t care what age you are, if you fall… the ground doesn’t give you a break, like, ‘Oh he’s a bit older,’” Washington explains. “It was stupid actually, but we did it, and it’s up there on the screen.”

He continues: “I think that helped create more tension actually, because people realized, ‘Oh wow, they’re really up there.’ It feels a bit more dangerous than just in front of a green screen, being computer generated.”

Unstoppable is in theaters now. —Niki McGloster


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