Denzel Washington Felt Like ‘Jackass’ During ‘Unstoppable’ Stunts

He might not be one of the wild guys from Jackass, but Denzel Washington felt very much like it while shooting the high-speed train scenes and stunts for his starring role in Unstoppable.

The 55-year-old Oscar winner admits that the “stupid” stunts were more terrifying than simply jumping around in front of a green screen. 

He tells, “I felt like we were in Jackass 4 or something, some of the things we did. I don’t care what age you are, if you fall… the ground doesn’t give you a break, like, ‘Oh he’s a bit older,’” Washington explains. “It was stupid actually, but we did it, and it’s up there on the screen.”

He continues: “I think that helped create more tension actually, because people realized, ‘Oh wow, they’re really up there.’ It feels a bit more dangerous than just in front of a green screen, being computer generated.”

Unstoppable is in theaters now. —Niki McGloster


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