DJ Premier Says Drake Reached Out For Sophomore Album


With Drake recently announcing that his R&B mixtape, It’s Never Enough, has been put on hold, it seems as if his rap calling is getting the best of him.

Apparently, one of the pioneering producers of New York City’s early ’90s hip-hop sound may have played a part in Drizzy’s desire to focus on his rhymes. 

“I met Drake at the Jay-Z and Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium. A good friend of mine does some charity work for Derek Jeter and was also working with Drake,” DJ Premier tells VIBE on the first time he was introduced to the rapper.  “He told me Drake wanted to come say “what’s” up real quick before he got on the stage with Jay.”

Premier describes his first encounter with hip-hop’s rookie of the year as a humble and genuine experience. Much like producer extraordinaire Pharrell, Drake felt the need to actually bow down and pay his respect to the hip-hop legend.

The two ended up connecting on a personal level and watched the rest of Jay and Eminem’s monumental show in the same suite. After breaking the ice, Drake nonchalantly requested for Preemo’s services on his forthcoming sophomore set.

“He said ‘Yo next album I want to do some stuff [with you]’ and that’s pretty much the end of it.” DJ Premier continues, “He comes down and sits down next to us to watch the show and everybody in all the other suites next to us started bugging. He was just chilling there and not acting like he was too cool.” —Mikey Fresh

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