The Endorsement: Devin The Dude Talks Legalizing Weed With Prop. 19


With marijuana advocates in California currently taking to voting booths in hopes of legalizing the green leaf for personal use, VIBE phoned Hip-Hop’s original stoner Devin The Dude for his take on the controversial bill, Proposition 19.

I’m all for fully legalizing marijuana. I really believe that it will get passed this time. There is more positives than negatives with freeing weed. It doesn’t belong in categories with dangerous drugs. Weed should be legalized for all to enjoy, after all there really is a little medical usage in it for everybody. Sure there might be certain individuals who don’t like the way it feels or may not need weed. I don’t think it would be abused or used in appropriately. You got to remember you can’t OD on Marijuana, you can only but get so high.

Really though, Prop. 19 would save money for everyone. And jails wouldn’t be as crowded. Alcohol has killed so many and even that’s legal. Now, I do understand that weed can be abused. That video floating around where they gave a joint to a baby was terrible. That ain’t right at all. But every citizen should be allowed to grow up and make their own decisions. I first smoked when I was 13, but I’ve been smoking consistently since about 17. I really only see myself stopping if I can’t physically smoke anymore. And maybe then I’ll switch to edibles.

It’s only logical that the government would want to tax it and make money off of it. But to let citizens just grow their own for personal use would be cool. The government already proved they can make money from marijuana with the medical kind. It would absolutely help boost the economy. They have used hemp to make clothes, paper products, and a lot of necessities. Smoking it is just the icing on the cake. There are so many uses for weed. It’s a really wonderful thing. Legalize it. ?As Told To Mikey Fresh