Fantasia Testifies In Antaun Cook Child Custody Case, Reveals Abortion


After an already turbulent year with ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook, R&B singer Fantasia Barrino took the stand in Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday (Nov. 22) for his child custody trial. Under oaht, she admitted that she was pregnant by Cook and aborted the baby near the time of her suicide attempt. 

In August, the songtress purposefully overdosed on sleeping aids over the media’s scrutiny of Cook’s marriage and relationship with Barrino. Barrino’s year-long relationship with the football player has continuously been a turbulent one since her alleged discovery that he was married to wife Paula Cook.

CNN reports that “the singer testified that she knew from the first day of her relationshsip with Cook that he was married and still living with his wife, according to two sources who were in the courtroom.”

Wife Paula Cook is now reportedly moving forward with plans to file a civil lawsuit against Fantasia, as well, under the “Alienation of Affection” law. -Niki McGloster