Full Clip: Salt-N-Pepa Runs Down Their Entire Catalogue


Salt: “Our first record The ‘Showstoppers’ was recorded back in 1986 and was the answer record to Doug E. Fresh’s and Slick Rick’s ‘The Show.’ We were originally called Super Nature. But before we go into that it’s important to understand how Salt and I first met.”

Pepa: “We met each other in high school. Even back then, I was very outspoken and boisterous. I remember playing spades in the lunchroom and guess what? We are playing spades right now [laughs]. But I used to see Salt in the lunchroom and she would be so quiet. I used to watch her and ask myself, ‘Why isn’t she joining the party?’ She would just be in her little corner. But I later found out that she was paying attention to me like, ‘Who is she?’ We just connected and started talking.”

Salt: “Opposites really do attract. It was that sense of humor that we both had. Laughter was contagious when we were together. We always made each other laugh. There was a point where we were working at Sears Roebuck and we were telephone solicitors. Martin Lawrence worked there. So did Hurby (Salt N Pepa’s longtime producer Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor) and Kid n’ Play. And the thing that really made me fall in love with Pep was when our computers were down at one point and we were all in the break room, Pep got in front of everybody and told this story about how she saw this bum humping a pole [laughs]. She actually got up on the wall and demonstrated how the man was humping! And I was like, ‘I love this girl [laughs].’ So yes, our initial attraction was laughter. It was later we found out that we were both huge hip-hop fans. The catalyst for [‘The Showstopper’] was Roxanne Shante’s answer to UTFO’s ‘Roxanne, Roxanne.’ She really inspired us to do that song. Back then, that’s how you got your foot in the door in hip-hop. And it was all about battling and who was the best. That was the best way for us as female rappers to get noticed, which was crazy for us to do because Doug and Slick Rick were the biggest thing ever and ‘The Show’ was the biggest song ever. It was very ballsy for two women that nobody knew to do something like that [laughs]. Who do these girls battling Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh think they are?!!! But that was what started us out because after that people recognized us.”

Pepa: “I say hats off to Hurby. He always had a dream, a vision. But he knew at the end of the day it was Salt and I who would make that dream come true. And he was right because the legacy of Salt-N-Pepa is amazing. Hurby understood issues when it came to females. He wrote a lot and he just had a good ear.”

Salt: “Hurby was a believer. He believed that all things were possible and his energy was very contagious.”

Pepa: “So having him in charge in the beginning and molding us, and shaping us and helping us to believe is what got us really going early on.”

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