Funkmaster Flex Defends His ‘I Don’t F-ck With Tupac’ Rant


Recently, video footage surfaced of influential New York City DJ Funkmaster Flex expressing his negative feelings towards the late Tupac Shakur at recent concert at BB Kings in New York City. In a very short YouTube clip, Flex can be heard shouting his true feelings on Pac.

“There are those that don’t fuck with Tupac. Fuck niggas sucking Tupac’s dick. I don’t suck Tupac’s dick. Make some noise if you miss fucking Biggie Smalls. Brooklyn, let’s go!”

Hip-hop fans and media alike were left in disbelief at the legendary DJ’s words. Years after the East Coast/West Coast beef was put to a halt, it seemed as if Flex was rehashing old beef.

Flex addressed the backlash, defending his comments: “It was people like Notorious B.I.G., people like Nas, Jay-Z, Faith Evans, Mobb Deep, and you know I don’t want this to be a situation where it’s this against that, or this team against this team, and I know all these things are done and gone and years ago, I get it, everybody can say what they want but dude didn’t have no good energy towards me. He repeatedly said it many times on how he felt and you know what, I can’t support everything that people say about him because I feel a lot of that energy brought a lot of negativity and brought changes in the game that we live with now. And that’s just the way I feel. And yeah maybe I shouldn’t have did it there—and my bad to his fans who feel like I’m kicking somebody when they’re not here, but when Pac was here, he was pushing out all that negative energy, he was pushing out all that negative energy on television, in the magazines and I know everybody loves the man and you should love him—but I don’t have to love him like that…”

Audio: Funkmaster Flex Responds to His Tupac Comments on Hot 97