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1. Fans Will Finally Get A Jay Electronica Album

Ever since the release of Jay Electronica’s 2007 cult underground classic release Act I: Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (The Pledge), the promise of an official album debut from the Big Easy street poet has been frustratingly never ending. By the time Electronica dropped the acclaimed Just Blaze-produced tracks “Exhibit A” and Exhibit C” in 2009, the immense buzz surrounding the pending project grew to mythical levels.

Perhaps the recent signing of Electronica to Roc Nation will expedite the release of the long-in-the-making set. Creekmur, says there is always the danger of Electronica not taking advantage of his initial buzz. “I really wish Jay would have capitalized on the hype and success he had with “Exhibit C,” he says. “I really think that timing is critical. Going forward, I want to see Jay Electronica get on his grind and crank out some joints. He is going to need to adjust his work ethic a bit and put more stuff out and collaborate with people like Jay-Z and J. Cole. Hell, a collaboration with Drake would even be a good idea.”

However, he is optimistic that the Electronica/Jay-Z pairing will be a success. “Hip-hop right now needs nothing but big looks,” Creekmur says. “I think it’s a good thing as long as Jay-Z augments what Jay Electronica already is and doesn’t turn him into something that he’s not. I’m like everyone else. I can’t wait to hear the album.”

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