Jessica Simpson Drops $100K On Her Own Engagement Ring


Jessica Simpson is taking Beyoncé‘s “put a ring on it” mantra to heart. 

The singer, who recently announced her engagement to boyfriend Eric Johnson, reportedly shelled out $100,000 to ice her ring finger with a ruby-and-diamond Neil Lane band. 

“No way could Eric, who doesn’t have a job at the moment, afford to purchase such an expensive ring,” a source told the PopEater. “Yes, he made a little bit of money in the NFL and is from a wealthy family, but unless his parents helped him out, Jessica must have paid for it herself.”

Sources add that The Price Of Beauty star will also fund an extravagant wedding as not to be upstaged by ex-husband Nick Lachey and his new fiancee Vanessa Minnillo, who announced their engagement two weeks earlier. “ It will be big and elaborate,” said the source. “She’s already starting planning everything and has every family member working on her big day.”

“We all want Jessica to be happy and finally find true love after all she has been through,” the source adds, “but she doesn’t understand that in the long run if she pays for everything it will hurt her relationship with any man.” —John Kennedy