Joe Budden Says Jay-Z Prevented Drake Collaboration


Ever since Aubrey “Drake” Graham broke into Hip-Hop’s mainstream in ’09, superstars such as Timbaland, Alicia Keys, and Mary J. Blige have called on the Canadian rapper for guest features. However, there was one MC that had his eye on the 24-year-old rapper/singer when many were still laughing at his role on the teen sitcom, Degrassi.

“The funny thing is that I heard So Far Gone way before it became popular,” Joe Budden recalls of the first time he heard Drake. “I actually reached out to him and introduced myself when it dropped.”

Before Drizzy became an official member of the Young Money/Cash Money family, he was just another newcomer looking for his big break. He was initially set to collaborate with Joe before another name came calling.

“At the time he had just come off a tour, but he definitely wasn’t a star yet?he was going to fly out to New York and get in the studio with me. He didn’t end up making it though, and when he did actually make it to New York, he had to do a Jay-Z session,” Budden recalls. “I know how the game goes, and that obviously takes precedence over a Joe Budden session. But it’s all good.”

The Jersey lyricist took no offense to Drake’s slight snub and still sees the collaboration as a possibility in the near future. But with Drizzy’s overwhelming success, fans will just have to wait until the spotlight shines in another direction before the collabo comes to fruition.

“Next thing I know Drake blew up, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work with him anymore just because it wouldn’t have been as organic,” says Joe. “But once he cools down, maybe I’ll get at him. I still think he’s extremely talented as a rapper.” ?Mikey Fresh


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