Keyshia Cole Talks Love, Motherhood & Her Buddy Nicki Minaj


The YBF sat with Keyshia Cole on the gritty L.A. set of her new video with Nicki Minaj, “I Ain’t Thru.” She’s hesitant to call this a “comeback” album because she feels like she never left.  But a usually guarded Keyshia surprisingly came off with a softer edge as she dished about becoming a mother, love and feeling even more “set” financially thanks to her NBA baller fiance Boobie Gibson, and tapping into her old ways for her new album.

YBF: What was the inspiration behind the video “I Ain’t Thru?”
Keyshia Cole: The inspiration behind “I Ain’t Thru,” I think Benny’s direction was just getting me and Nicki together of course because she’s on the song. And more street elements, back to the basics of the first album.

Why did you choose this particular track as one as the first off this album?
I love this record. I just like the song. It was an idea that I came up with a long time ago and me and Nicki decided to do a feature together and I just played it for her to see what she would think about it. It just came and it was hot to me.

Speaking of Nicki, we’ve been hearing some rumors about a rift between you two in the studio. So, do you and Nicki go way back?
No, no, no, that’s the second time somebody asked me that. We actually just met, but she’s a dope MC. I think that she brings a lot of excitement to the game. She’s not afraid to be different and I think that that’s dope.

And you all have a good connection?
Yeah, yeah. It was all good, it was dope.

How does it feel for people to say you’ve been gone for a little bit, but you look great though like you never left?
That’s funny though because people say that because I had a child but you know, I’ve released albums pretty much every two years since I’ve been out. I mean I just think that people see oh she’s engaged, she’s getting married, she’s having a child, I think it’s a little bit different for them to accept the time frame that I’ve been gone. But it’s always been the same, I tour for a year and then the only thing that was different is that I usually tour for an entire year and then start recording, I had a baby in that year and still recorded the entire time.

How has motherhood been? Boobie Jr. is so cute!
Motherhood is wonderful, it’s great. You know, it brings a whole new inspiration in life and how you can love and never wanting that love to go away. I don’t even know what I would do without being a mother.

You just became a mom a few months ago.  How do you think being a mother and that BIG change in your life has that inspired you as an artist and in your music?
Um, you know what, I wrote one song about it, it’s called “Sometimes.”  But I mean, I’ve prepared my whole career and tried to prepare my whole “growing up stage” making sure that no matter what, I’d be able to take care of my children when I have them. So, I think the stress is kind of off me, in terms of financially. So that’s all I was really concerned with–making sure that I had enough dividends to make sure he goes to school and college.  And when he turns 18, if anything were to happen to me, he’d be taken care of.  I’ve already reached that point in my career where that allows for him to be financially taken care of, so I’m still going because I love it.

You’ve always had really great love songs.  With your current relationship [with Cleveland Cavalier basketball player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson], has that inspired your new music as well?
I mean, most definitely. I think that any time you have someone that totally supports you no matter what, and shows you that love when no one else is going to be there, and to know that you have that, it’s totally outstanding.

How did you know you found the one?
Because he knows.

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