Lil B Talks Jay Electronica, Charles Hamilton, Soulja Boy, And Secret Album [Pg. 2]

Fill us in, Based God.

This is a VIBE first: Look out for some music from Lil' B featuring Jay Electronica and Lupe Fiasco, coming real soon. No one knows about this. I got a text from Jay Electronica last night. It’s just a respect thing between us. I mean he’s such a dope emcee.

What did he text to you?

He just showed me love, and I sent my blessings back to him. Jay Electronica to me is one of the most original in the game right now. I love his creativity. And I’ma tell you who else I think is one of the most original in the game and that’s Charles Hamilton. I’m a just leave it at that.

It seems like Hamilton been going through some things, have you spoken to him lately?

I haven’t, but he hit me up on Twitter, and I definitely gave him my support. I like artists that are true to themselves and aren’t copying off anybody. I can’t even listen to certain rappers now because they got that same Drake flow. If it’s not you, stop doing it. I’m hearing a lot of people just copying. I love artists who take pride in being original.

I’ve noticed you seemed to have a big influence on Soulja Boy’s music.

Soulja Boy always been showing love. He is one of the realest people in the industry and coolest people in general. He’s a real honest and respectful dude, so I really got nothing but love for him, and I got his back on the music tip.

What’s behind the “30 Thousand 100 Million” music video you guys just released?

“30 Thousand 100 Million”... I freestyled that in one of my songs. But Soulja just took it to another level. He made the beat at his crib, and we laid it that night. I think they’re going to also premiere it on 106 & Park soon. That’s going to be my first TV look. I’m definitely excited about that.

Did you officially sign with SB yet?

As of right now, I’m an independent artist. Me and Soulja Boy are finishing up like the last parts of the deal that we’re doing together. Out of anybody in the game that’s who I want to work with business wise. I’m rocking with Soulja.

With that situation, there’s definitely a huge opportunity to take your movement to the masses.

Listen: I have a secret album that I’m working on with a private title which is going to be my mainstream album and the album that I use to break through. I have about three singles ready to go. It’s going to be big, big year in 2011. I’m swagged up heavily. Think about it like this, you see how Trey Songz made that turn around. Trey Songz back then is way different then the Trey Songz now, so think about that. I look at my situation the same way.

Would you say this secret album has a more universal sound?

My new album everybody will understand. You can’t deny it, people are going to have to like something on there. Right now, I have couple a cats doing beats for me. I’m releasing new videos on the regular still. I’m continuously building.

Do you still stand by your comments regarding doing something to Kanye West’s backdoor?

What’s funny is that before I made that comment, I forgot that he posted one of my videos on his blog. God bless Kanye. He posted “Swag OD,” the song I did with Soulja Boy. I just forgot about that. Bottom line is I really just want to work with him and do some production for him. No one on earth is doing what I’m doing and time will prevail. I ain’t going to rush nothing. But he knows I respect him and his artistic ability. One day it will happen, he know I got love for him.

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In June 2016, officer Xavier Gonzalez arrested investment adviser Darryl Williams at the 125th Street and Lexington Avenue subway station. Gonzalez alleged Williams, 58 at the time, pickpocketed straphangers on a 4 train.

Gonzalez was undercover at the time and wrote in his report that Anthony Osei, who was also on a northbound 4 train, said Williams stole his phone. However, Osei, a paint shop clerk, told the New York Daily News Gonzalez lied.

When Willaims sued the city and the NYPD over the arrest, Osei, swore in an affidavit, reviewed by The Daily News, he didn't tell officers Williams stole his phone.

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In court, Osei testified on Williams' behalf stating "I defended him (Williams) because it was the right thing to do.”

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There's a process called “arrest overtime” in which an arrest made toward the end of a cop's shift helps bolster his or her overtime pay. It's a beloved practice that drives up a cop's pension.

“I have no trust in cops anymore,” said Williams, 60, now retired. “He’s putting perfectly innocent people in handcuffs. People who don’t have the resources I have, they could go to jail for something they didn’t do."

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