Lil B On What Makes Him Cry, Similarities To Nicki Minaj, And Being The Best [Pg. 3]

I’m not quite sure if people are ready for Lil B rapping over Kanye West production.

People don’t want that because I’ll rap for 15 minutes. It might shake the world up. I got a couple 10 minute songs on my Rain In England mixtape. Every song on there is longer than four minutes. There’s no cursing, and I’m talking about real subjects. I really just see a lot of similarities with me and 'Ye, just certain similar viewpoints. My accomplishments aren’t on his level, but artistically I understand. I’m pushing boundaries like him.

You might be your own biggest fan.

I’m just a strong supporter of my art, and I really feel it in my heart. Sometimes I cry when I’m making or listening to my music, that’s how real it is.


Yeah, it brings tears to my eyes. I’m just so happy to be here. There’s so much behind my music. This isn’t just rapping, this is deeper. I’m doing this for the love and for life, so people can grow. I want things to change and for progression in music. I produced, composed, and rapped on the first ambient rap album in hip-hop and that was last year. I got 1,200 songs. I released 900 freestyles last year, all for free. It’s like I have reasons to feel this way.

Weezy might be the only one who releases as much free music as you.

That’s like the only person who I feel like is equally working or working harder than me. We all get it in on different levels. I know he’s got shit he can tell me about, and I got shit I can tell him about.

Your style and beliefs are unique to say the least, but do you ever feel like an outsider in hip-hop?

I feel like a lot people want to label me something and keep that label on me. It hurts when people need to go rewrite their thoughts. They don’t want to accept that. People don’t want to go back and say Lil B is okay now, when I drop a 30 song mixtape where I’m spitting. People just want to write it off but you can’t write off good shit.

How do you feel about the Odd Future comparisons?

Shouts out to them. I definitely respect those young dudes from the West Coast, coming up. I know that they respect me, so it’s a lot of love. I get a lot of those comparisons because people still don’t understand me but that comes with the game. I need time to evolve and show people who I really am. The things that are similar about us is that we both don’t give a fuck, and we say what we feel. I don’t really think we talk about the same things but that doesn’t mean we can’t work.

What about the ladies? Are there any female emcees that you have your eye on?

There’s so many females in the game that I respect. I like La Chat, Gangsta Boo, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown. But also the Queen Latifahs and Salt-N-Pepas, but there’s too many to name. I’m glad that Nicki is breaking through. It’s crazy because I see so many similarities in the shit that she’s doing within me. I understand where she’s coming from. Congratulations to her. She’s taking over peoples’ brains over right now. There’s no one else like her. I feel like she’s the face of female rap and her thing is way deeper than rap.

What’s similar between you and Nicki?

If I would have gotten on the “Monster” track with Nicki, Jay, and Kanye, I would have had the best verse. I know what Nicki’s doing. She’s shining. I won’t tell too many secrets of the rap game, but you can rap or you can shine. I can do anything. Put me on a G.O.O.D. Friday mega mix with all the artists in the game, and I’ll have the best verse. And I respect and love all of them. But, lyrically I’ll have the best one. I’ve been waiting.


And they better hope I’m not serious on there because if I seriously write, it’s over. I heard the joints with J.Cole and Big Sean and that’s all family. Everybody, but if I get on the song, I have the best verse out of everybody in the game. I guess it’s best if I don’t get on one of those. Let me do me and run over the world over here. I don’t want to take any shine away from anybody.

What is Lil B in 2011?

Think Lady Gaga, the rap version. Rap’s Lady Gaga, Phil Collins, Rick James, rap version of Prince, Canibus, MF Doom, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Tupac and Lil Wayne in a pot and mix it around. Smush em all together, stir the pot like soup—Lil B’s here. That’s 2011 and beyond.

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