McNabb Vs. Vick [Pg. 3]


Vitals: Michael Dwayne Vick
Born and raised: Newport “Bad News” News, VA
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 215 lbs.
Strength: Wheels
Weakness: Patience/Preparation

Legacy: The Left Handed Laser was rumored to have run a 4.25 40 yard dash during his pro day, but I know for sure he ran a 4.36 his first day of practice with the Falcons as a rookie. A three time pro bowl selection. The sickest thing on a football field since Barry Sanders. A poor 79 career touchdown strikes to 52 picks. He’s rushed for 4,215 yards and 25 tds. The onnly QB to ever rush for 1,000 yards in a season during 2006. He is the owner of an awful 77.9 QB rating and an average 41-30-1 win/loss record. Served a 2-year bid for dog fighting, came back slow…but is beyond balling right now.

Tale of the Tape:

Who are yall riding with?

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