Meet Newest ‘Basketball Wives’ Castmember Ashley Walker: ‘I’m Not Naive’

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In stating the obvious, Ashley Walker, the newest woman added to the cast of Basketball Wives is not actually a wife. She is Houston Rockets point guard Rafer Alston’s girlfriend. However, don’t be quick to judge. Viewers might be pleasantly surprised by what the philanthropist, mother of two, fitness guru and entrepreneur will bring to the show. By the way, it’s not drama.

“I try to bring more of a positive light and a different spin on being with a basketball player because we are still together [after five years]. That matters to some people but not to me,” says New Orleans native who was initially nervous about joining the cast when approached by producers because of the drama but decided the show needed a new perspective. “I talk about my foundation and I try to stay out of all the drama going on. There wasn’t a point where I had to fight back at all because nothing was really said to me to my face. So I didn’t have to go there at all. I’m not confrontational but I’m not going to let anybody disrespect me either.”

Walker, who recently participated in the NoH8 campaign is also newly back from a yearly trip to Kenya where via her organization, The Mission of Love, she feeds students and makes sure that they have basic necessities of life. She also mentors teenage girls, is working on a boys clothing line, a bronzer line and a lip gloss line (proceeds will benefit her organization) but finds time to keep her family together and negative influences out of her life.

“It’s hard to balance everything but then it’s not hard because as a woman you’re gonna take care of your kids off top. I cook, I take them to school and with being an entrepreneur, if you have a passion to do something you’re gonna do it,” says Walker. “You have to balance it and figure out a way to make it work. There’s some days where I’m like, ‘Dang, I’m tired’ but oh well you just have to keep it moving. You can’t sit and complain about it.”

Walker’s cool, calm demeanor is most likely what got her through her first reality TV experience. Anyone who has seen the show at least once knows that some of the feistier women on the show got catty at times. However, despite being the new girl Walker says her family won’t be embarrassed.

“I have my own world. I have my family, parents. The basketball world, that doesn’t faze me at all so as far as it goes, I don’t get involved in all that. I’m in a regular relationship with regular issues and that’s how I deal with it. I don’t let everybody in it,” she says adding that Royce and Suzie become her allies on the show. “I’m not naïve. My eyes are very wide open to this world but what I do say all the time is there’s so many other issues. They always try to make it like there’s just cheating in NBA relationships but there’s so many other issues just like with any relationship and I want people to see that we’re just like everybody else.”  ?Starrene Rhett