Missouri Drug Dealer Accepts Welfare Payments For Crack Cocaine


The economy is bad for everyone, even drug dealers.

A recent drug bust in Wellston, Missouri led detectives of the town’s police department to a drug dealer who was accepting means of welfare in return for his supply of crack cocaine. Food stamps and child support on debit cards were all used for purchasing drugs, as well as cash, jewelry, and electronic items.

According to a Fox News affiliate, the Wellston detectives raided a suspected drug home in the 6400 block of Hobart and, along with 6 grams of crack cocaine, fifteen grams of marijuana, four guns and several knives, they discovered more than 60 of the cards.

Wellston Police Chief G. Thomas Walker has begun a full investigation of the fraudulent crimes. “It hurts and infuriates me to think it’s my tax dollars they’re using to buy drugs.” 

An undercover detective even states that the dealer may have been producing pornography in his residency.

The drug dealer has not been charged yet for these crimes and is not in police custody. --Niki McGloster