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Corianna and Brianna Dotson have always been fashion freaks among sheep. At 15, the wayward twins were constantly snubbed at Minnesota’s Apple Valley High School, where Abercrombie-wearing classmates stared in disbelief at the duo’s scarlet Mohawks, neon fishnets and DIY trimmings. The eccentric twosome—who’d been fashioning their mom’s sheets into dresses and creating outfits for pets since age 9—chose to avoid eye contact by rocking homemade extreme sunglasses adorned with studs and spikes. The defense mechanism quickly turned into a career path. Quitting their retail gigs in summer ’09, the 20-year-old NYC transplants had no problem landing clients in need of badass eyewear, including Nicki Minaj and Ashanti. With their accessory line, Wearable Art, debuting this fall, the only looks Coco & Breezy should expect now are big ones.

“Designing eyewear has a lot to do with us being from Minnesota, where it’s a non-fashion state. Everybody called us the ‘weird twins.’ We went to a school with a very small percentage of Black people, so everyone was wearing Abercrombie, Hollister. If we wore that we would cut it up, make it look different. We started having a little punk rock–rebel style around middle school; it was always fashion forward. But no one accepted us. So we felt that we could hide behind our glasses while still remaining fabulous and creative. With our glasses, we give it that okay to be different.” —Tracy Garraud

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