The Outtakes: VIBE’s Usher Cover Story


You haven’t heard everything from Usher just yet. Check out outtakes from VIBE’s Oct/Nov cover story.

On Rumors Of Him Firing His Momager Jonetta Patton
“I never fired my mother. My mother actually decided that she could not work for me. We had differences of opinion and I thought it was actually a good thing for us to be at a place where she could be supportive in the way that I needed her to as a mother for me. If I need her help I could always ask for it. But in terms of us having business together I began to take on more responsibility for my career. I don’t think that anybody made a definite decision ’til we came to a place where it was like, you know what, it may be time for me to take on a little bit more responsibility and she was like, ‘I’ll do whatever I gotta do to be supportive because we built this together and I want to make sure that you don’t tarnish the brand. I can’t continue to work.’ I said, ‘Okay I understand.'”

On Tameka Keeping His Last Name
“I don’t see anything wrong with it. My mother built an entire company off of her ex-husband’s name. Her original name was Jonetta O’Neal. You don’t know her as Jonetta O’Neal. You know her as Jonetta Patton. Perry Reid, you don’t know Perry Reid for anything other than Perry Reid. For other things… but my point is her name. I don’t have any issue with [Tameka] still having my last name. It makes it easier for business, I think. She went through a lot for that last name. She gets beat up all the time for it. She should be able to have it if she wants it. She has the paper that made it so.”

On Whether He’ll Ever Cringe Listening To “Papers”
“Nope. Whether I fully wrote something or not, I don’t cringe listening to it because I either have embodied it or I’m actually using myself as a vessel to speak about it. I think that song helps people. It’s a good record. Maybe that guy just needed that little push to say you need to go ahead and make a decision or look at it from a positive aspect, ‘Man I never wanna be in that situation.’ So take your ass home and make sure you do right by your husband and do right by your wife and then you won’t have to sign papers.”

On Tameka’s Issues With Media Attention
“I don’t think that Tameka was understanding of how heavily judgmental people are and being with a celebrity you have to be accepting of that. I don’t think that she understood that. I think that made our relationship extremely difficult. I think that was the hardest part of our relationship. I spent a lifetime of people having opinions of it. It never stopped me. It made me better.”

On Whether He Has Commitment Issues
“I’m a relationship guy. I love being in relationships. I love to have a relationship. It’s what I’m accustomed to, having been raised by my mother, built a career with my mother. I’ve always had a partner so naturally to evolve in life and relationships when I begin to become passionate and want to have a relationship with a woman, I wanna make sure that I have something that I can really rely on, someone I can come home to at the end of the night and I know that she’s not gon’ be judgmental about whatever, infidelity or not, none of that, because men and women have issues, man. Men ain’t the only ones who cheat.”

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