Pardon The Introduction: Paypa Doesn’t Want Any Comparisons [Pg. 2]


What producer would you love to work with?
I be answering that several different ways ’cause I feel different everyday. It depends what lane I’m in that day. Like, one day I might wanna get in with Swizzy and just kill everybody in the club. Another day, I might just wanna get in with ‘Ye and just make something real soulful. Other days, I wanna just go real hip-hop and bring Dilla back. Some days, I wanna just get in with Dre. It depends on how I feel at the moment, you know? It’s a lot of incredible producers out there.

And your dream collaboration?
Andre 3000. I’m just such a fan. Like, Andre 3000, Jay-Z and Common. Jay-Z, that’s just my all-time favorite period. Andre 3000 is also one of my favorites, but I think as far as art-wise what you get from me and Andre 3000, I think it would be absolutely insane. And Common, that’s the OG from the crib, and he’s incredibly talented, but just the OG. You know, that’s Com. I’m from Chicago. Who wouldn’t wanna rock with Com? That’s the emcee of emcees! That’s “I Used To Love H.E.R.”

You’ve been compared to Drake plenty of times. Do you appreciate the comparison? 
Absolutely. Because he’s incredible. I think Drake’s extremely talented, but here’s the thing though. I’m really not concerned with stuff like that. My music is gonna more than speak for itself. I don’t really have to say too much about that. I feel like whoever the new kid on the block is, they compare him to the last cat that did it big. You see what I’m saying? When Drake came out, they like, ‘Yeah, but he sounds like ‘Ye,” but Kanye was the last person in that realm that came and did it to death, so I take it as a compliment, but if you gon’ say anything, say I sound like Kanye or say he sound like he from Chicago. I don’t care what they say; I’m not really worried about that. I think Drake’s dope, so it’s not a diss either way it goes.

I was listening to “I Am Bitches,” so where did the singing come from? Is that part of you just as important as your rapping?
I have no idea. I really couldn’t tell you. Embryo played this beat for me, and I’m just rocking [hums beat] and that’s just how it happened. I’ve never been a singer, [but] I’m not tone-deaf. I don’t like to put myself in a box; I do what I wanna do whenever I feel like doing it. I don’t really care.

Do you listen to any fellow new artists?
I definitely have my ear to the streets. I like J. Cole. It’s another artist that surprise a lot of people when I say it, and I absolutely love his music: Nipsey Hussle. I mess with his whole movement and his music is just real to me. I can vibe with it. I like what B.o.B’s doing, what Wiz is doing. You know. I think hip-hop is in a good place right now. I think we went through a drought, but we back for real now. It just feels good right now—what everybody is presenting at this moment. Wiz has a completely different sound, Nipsey, J. Cole… everybody is in they own lane, they doing they thing and it feels good. 

So you’re enjoying the state of hip-hop? 
I think it’s so dope right now because I think music is getting honest again. People are being truthful. Like, a feel years ago, I had hell trying to get in the game. I’m like, “I ain’t never been shot. I ain’t shot nobody. I’m not a kingpin.” You know? But it’s getting to the point where you can be yourself and that’s dope. That’s what hip-hop is.

Tell me how you feel about Nicki—her image, her recent track “Roman’s Revenge” and her overall impact on hip-hop.
I think she’s sexy. I think Nicki’s sexy. From me watching out, and paying attention to her movement, I think Kim took shots at her, and if Nick said anything after that, you got whatever you got coming to you, you know? I was hearing a lot about her biting Kim, she sound like Kim—so what? That’s how I feel about it. Like, why wouldn’t I study Jay, why wouldn’t I study Andre 3000, why wouldn’t I study Kanye? Why wouldn’t Kobe study Michael Jordan? So, if Nicki wanna be that new baddest chick in the game, why wouldn’t you study the baddest chick in the game before that? Why wouldn’t she?!

A lot of people feel as though Nicki’s a carbon copy of Kim.
I don’t think so. I don’t think so at all. Like, not even close. I think Kim was dope; I think she was that chick, but Nicki Minaj is on a whole ‘nother level. I think Nicki is better than 90% of these niggas out here, easy. So, that’s all I’ma say about that.

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