Pete Rock Says Kanye West, Jay-Z Collabo ‘The Joy’ Was Made In ’97


Rounding out October’s weekly G.O.O.D. Friday music releases from Kanye West, the Pete Rock-produced record “The Joy” embodies the soul of the 70’s with a sample lifted from Curtis Mayfield’s “Makings of You.”

Kanye is no stranger to Mayfield’s catalog—he’s previously borrowed “Move On Up” for “Touch The Sky” and a vocal sample from “Don’t Worry” for “Jesus Walks” off his debut LP. However, Pete Rock revealed that he had been holding onto his Mayfield reincarnation for well over a decade.

“First I want to say ‘rest in peace’ to Curtis Mayfield,” says Pete Rock. “To reuse something that inspired us as kids—a song that my Mom and Dad listened to almost every other day is a great feeling.”

“I had to bring that back and reintroduce it to the young generation. I want to say big-up to Kanye West and Jay-Z for getting on that beat,” he continues. “I actually had that beat since 1997. I’ve been sitting on it for years.”

While Rock admits that it’s a close call on who had the best verse on the track, he gives the top spot to Kanye, citing his clever wordplay as the determining factor that won him over. The two emcee/producers haven’t officially released any material together, but another future collabo is just in arm’s reach according to Pete. —Mikey Fresh


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