Quote Monster: Quincy Jones Responds To ‘P.Y.T.’ Remake ‘Haters’


“Today with Facebook and Twitter and everything, I have never seen so many haters in my life, but it’s people sitting in their basements with their pants on the ground, just being haters. I don’t get it, man. That means they don’t have a life… [T-Pain and Robin Thicke] volunteered. I didn’t choose them. I didn’t produce this. Six years ago, Timbaland came to me with one of his assistants in South Beach and said, ‘We’d like to do a hip-hop tribute to all your old songs.’ I said, ‘Great, man. That’s a very big honor ’cause I’ve worked with a lot of the hip-hoppers anyway and have always been behind them.’” —Quincy Jones via Rap-Up


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