Off The Radar: Sene & J57 ‘The Complainer’ [Pg. 5]


5. Sene & J57

“The Complainer”

Lets smooth it out a bit with another collaboration, this time between an MC (Sene) who has been on a roll since dropping his debut album alongside Blu (A Day late and a Dollar Short)  and a producer (J57) who has been making some noise alongside his crew Brown Bag All Stars. They join forces to drop the Eye Don’t Dream… But I Do EP. “The Complainer” finds Sene reflecting on his life, police brutality and the contrast between the good ol’ days and today. “They say I’m on a journey I say is more an odyssey/caught between a rock and state property/gotta be a leader give them all a reason they should want to follow me/top rhyming rhythm Kool Aid philosophy”.


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