Off The Radar With Sucio Smash: Feat. Roc Marciano, Black Milk & Crown Royale


As the temperature keeps dropping in NY and we look elsewhere for warmer days, these artists continue to drop what young kids like to call “hot shit.” You see, I don’t subscribe to regionalism within hip-hop. East, West, South, Midwest—it’s all the same to me. Good music comes from every part of the map. Plus, if you suck you suck and are called on it, heads are not hating they just have the balls to tell you the truth.

With that said, join me on this post-Turkey Day musical excursion as I head west and come back right in time for Black Friday. –@SucioSmash



Screw face, sour face, ugly face, etc. You know that face, the one you make when you hear some hard-hitting music. Well this track will do that to you—it will also make you punch someone in the face and smile. Fresh off his debut album “Marcberg,” Roc Marciano is ready to unleash a re-issue of said album with a few extra joints. “Scarface Nigga” is one of them. Over some hard drums and a loop Roc drop lines like, “You just an embarrassment to rap/for that you deserve a javelin in the back”

2011 may be Roc Marci‘s year so make sure you pay attention and remember who told you about him first, again!



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