Reality TV Recap: 3 Reasons ‘Football Wives’ Brings Less Drama Than ‘Basketball Wives’


It’s common knowledge that most of the women on the cast of Basketball Wives are either girlfriends or exes. The exes had chips on their shoulders, which made for great TV because they took their bitchy attitudes out on everyone (Remember that groupie they ganged up on? And even Gloria caught it at times). Plus, some of those women were already known before hand i.e, Royce’s infamous booty-popping contest and Shaunie O’Neal’s Shaq drama. They were also in Miami and were shown going out to exclusive parties and events as opposed to Bible Study at someone’s house. Most of the the football wives are actually married.

Wives in general have a different set of priorities, especially football wives, because NFL players aren’t balling as much as NBA players (with some exceptions like Deion Sanders). Plus, they’re in Dallas. What is there to do in Dallas besides go to a football game or watch tumble weeds roll by. No offense, but Dallas isn’t really a city that’s known for nightlife, especially when it comes to celebrity events. And again, most of the women are wives who have their own projects going on so they’re not out and about as much…unless it’s Bible Study or a brunch.