Reason 3: MJ’s Cirque du Soleil Arena Shows Hit Stages in 2011


Reason 3: There is a MJ Cirque du Soleil Stage Show in the works for next year—

After mounting successful stage show around both The Beatles and Elvis Presley Cirque du Soleil will be crafting two different stage experiences around the music of Michael Jackson. As reported earlier this year, a MJ/Cirque traveling arena show will first hit venues in the Fall of 2011. Michael Jackson Estate Co-executor, John Branca, said in a statement, “Having attended Cirque du Soleil performances with Michael, I know he was a huge fan. This will not just be a tribute to Michael’s musical genius, but a live entertainment experience that uses the most advanced technology to push every creative boundary as Michael always did.” Translation: MJ fans can expect to ‘experience the excitement of a Michael Jackson’ concert.