Rihanna Predicts When She’ll Get Pregnant


Barbadian princess Rihanna laces the December issue of Interview Magazine with information about her plans to rock a baby bump. The 22-year-old did not specify the exact time that she was looking to have a child, but she did explain that it could very well happen before 2012. 

“It could be a year from now. It could be 10 years from now. Whenever is right,” she tells celebrity interviewer Kanye West, who chatted with her for the mag. “I mean, I have a lot of other stuff to accomplish before I get to kids. Whenever the time is right, I’ll just know.”

Although RiRi may not be ready for motherhood just yet, she’s still alongside baseball beau Matt Kemp, and seemingly, enjoying it.

The songbird’s latest LP, Loud, is in stores now. The lead single, “Only Girl” became her ninth no. 1 Billboard 100 record. —Niki McGloster