Saigon On Returning To ‘Entourage’, Tru-Life & Making Hip-Hop Gospel [Pg. 3]


How do you think jail might’ve affected Wayne?

That kid is an anomaly, man. He’s a super-talent, so I think he’s gonna adjust very well. The only thing I know from experience in jail is it changes your outlook on life, and I’m just hoping he don’t come out with a bunch of songs about “I’m a changed man,” because we don’t wanna hear that shit. We want you to go back to being the rapper eater. [Laughs

He was actually locked up with another rapper, your friend Tru-Life. When’s the last time you spoke with Tru?

I haven’t spoke to Tru in a few weeks. I’m waiting on his call now, but the last time we spoke, his case was looking good. Right now, he’s in good spirits, he just misses his kids a lot. Other than that, he’s strong. If everything works out for him, he should be home any day now.

Do you guys trade verses over the phone?

Oh, naw. I haven’t heard none of his new stuff yet. [Laughs] It’s funny because when I was locked up, I used to call him and we’d rap on the phone for hours. So the next time I catch him, he’s definitely gon’ have to spit something.

True. As for yourself, do you think you’d ever return to Entourage?

They called me and asked if I would be interested in coming back. I don’t know what that could turn into, but I was like, ‘Hell yeah, I’d be interested in coming back.’ I think Eminem should come back as a reoccurring role. He’d be dope, ‘cause as great of an artist Eminem is, he still has this mystique about him. So, I’d like to see his humorous side in his everyday personality. This is a guy who dressed up with wigs and all that!

Would you try some unexpected acting roles?

Yeah, man. I just don’t want it to be a hood role every single time. I wanna play a doctor or something, you know. See if I can pull that off. My dream role is to be a superhero like Hancock. On the EP, I just did a Mario Bros. song over, and I just shot a video like the old school Mario Bros. game. It’s called “Get Busy.” I do a little acting in the video. I’m talking about Mario in the song, but Mario is like a real person, and his girl gets kidnapped and he comes to get me to help to get his girl back.

Looking forward to that. How do you want the Greatest Story Never Told to change rap?

I want it to be something where somebody could play it for they sons, they mother, they grandmother, you know. I don’t what it to be limited to hip-hop heads; that’s why I got gospel-sounding songs. I got something for everybody. I just want people to know there’s something for everybody on that record. You cannot put it in a box.


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