Sasha Grey Talks Moving Past ‘Entourage’, Her Experimental Band & DJ-ing


Believe it or not, there is life after porn.

Model and actress Sasha Grey, is living proof, cast alongside Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase’s girlfriend in season seven of HBO’s hit series Entourage. “I was nervous going in,” recalls Grey, “because the cast and crew already had a camaraderie. But everyone was so welcoming. Everything is shot so quickly. It’s only 27 minutes long, so the scenes have to be really tight. There isn’t a lot of room to improvise.”

But outside of the HBO cult favorite, Ms. Grey is doing her best not to stick to the script. The eye candy of The Roots’ 2008 video “Birthday Girl” is moving past the small screen and into music, with her experimental band, aTelecine.

“We came out with our last record in August. We’re keeping the records limited. I don’t rely on music for income; It’s actually very liberating for me.”

Recently dropping their second LP, A Cassette Tape Culture, the band’s sound is reminiscent of enigmatic noise. However, the California native explains being exposed to a variety of music while growing up. “All my sibling and parents listened to a very diverse selection of music. Coupled with my own interest in music, I felt like I had an upper hand.” Rumors swirled that Grey worked with reggae icon Lee “Scratch” Perry, but she sets the record straight, “I never got to meet him.”

Elsewhere in music, the mysterious vixen is pursuing her passion for deejaying.

“It’s hard to define my style because every set I spin is different. I honestly play music that I want to hear myself. I like to take chances like I’ll play Janis Joplin after Immortal Technique. And it’s always fulfilling when my fans come out. I really try to interact with them.” —Niki McGloster with additional reporting from Mikey Fresh


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