See Dwayne Johnson Cry Real Tears, Plus 4 Other Reasons to See ‘Faster’

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It’s been ten years since Dwayne Johnson began his acting career segueing from WWF star to master of the action genre. And after taking some career diversifying movie roles in comedies like Get Smart and children’s fare like The Tooth Fairy, he’s returned to the action game again in the revenge film Faster, a rollicking ride of a good time with plenty of big guns, fast cars and even faster 70s style action. So now presents, ‘5 Reasons To See The Movie Faster With Commentary by Dwayne Johnson.’


Reason 5: Now that Sly and Arnold are over the hill and Vin Diesel doesn’t seem to have game, Dwayne Johnson is ready to take over the whole damn action film genre.

Dwayne Johnson: “Absolutely, sure. The action genre is my home I’m a physical guy and I love that and enjoy it. But it was important for me to have diverse career. Ten years ago I didn’t want to be defined or pigeonholed as the action guy, or the comedy guy or the family guy— I really wanted to do everything.”


Reason 4: The former Rock drives some sweet rides in the flick— The Chevelle and ‘67 GTO. Johnson even went to stunt driving school to drive them 80 to 90 mph backwards.

Johnson: “I enjoyed driving the cars it reminds me of one of the fun parts of my job— I love driving. [Between the two] I loved the Chevelle more. The Chevelle became the character’s home— his family. And the stunt driving was necessary. It was a good idea to tie me into all these shots and not cut away to a stunt double. And I think it’s going to pay off for the audience. I went out there and spent a lot of time [in driving school] and I think it paid off.”