Talking Points: Lloyd Banks Speaks On The State Of Gangsta Rap


With Lloyd Banks’ third solo LP Hunger For More 2 now ready to clock in Soundscan numbers, VIBE asked the self-proclaimed punchline king his thoughts on the state of gangsta rap.

“I don’t think gangsta rap could ever be done or finished. When you ask yourself ‘what’s gangsta’? To me being gangsta is being responsible for your actions. Being a stand-up dude or girl, and don’t compromise for anything. Somebody who don’t bend, someone who does what they want to do.

Hip-hop comes from the street. I think that will never go away. There’s always going to be somebody with bad luck, who inspires to be better, to be from poverty, somebody who knows what it feels like to hurt and as long as that’s there and everything ain’t good.

[Gangsta] rap has a lane. That’s why I get confused sometimes with reality rap, conscious rap, I feel like we’re completely conscious with what’s going on that’s why we speak on current events. I’m not going to get on a record and act like things are all peachy.”—As Told To Mikey Fresh

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