Tour Stories: DJ Rampage Talks Lauryn’s Comeback & Barbie Cosign [Pg. 3]


Honestly, did all the rumors circulating about her give you any kind of preconceived notions?

You hear all kinds of rumors but I never had any kind of bad experiences with her. I definitely don’t think she’s crazy or whatever people say. She’s definitely been through some things but she’s human. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the media blows things up, right? [laughs] Especially, when people reach a certain level of success! I’ve been working with her for about a year now and I can’t say anything like that.

Did you get a sense of her wanting to come back to create new music?

The vibe that I get from her is that she still has music that she wants to record. I’m certainly waiting for it myself. I think it will come with progression, whether it’s more shows, building up confidence, trusting the people around you or whatever it is. I’ve heard of some things possibly happening. You see, veryone in the band has their own relationship with her individually, so I can only speak on my relationship. I’ve heard her mention that she was going to come back and put some records out.

Have you heard any new songs?

I’ve heard like a rough draft or a track, but nothing further. As a fan, I’m waiting for new music, too.

At any time, Did Ms. Hill express interest in any artists or wanting to collaborate with anyone?

There are moments when we’re taking a break from practicing and just talking about things, and I remember this one time she mentioned hearing Nicki on the radio. I believe the track was “Roger That,” and she started reciting some of Nicki’s lyrics and her adlibs. It was obivous to me she was feeling her stuff.

Did she ever ask to perform new material?

Not really, the majority of the stuff is from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and some Bob Marley covers. But all the instrumentation is different when we perform the songs on tour. I know there’s people that are against and some are for it.

Right, but I think people just wanted to enjoy the songs the way they remember them.

I know people are asking why she’s changing the songs. The album’s been out for a long time, and I just feel like she’s an artist who is about evolving. Of course in the beginning, I was also fiending for her to play the songs the original way.

Do you think she’s concious of the negative reviews that she’s received?

I can’t speak on that because she had never expressed it to us. I think she picked up little flaws we had early on. From the day I started working with her until now, there’s definitely been a lot of progression musically vocally and everything. You have to understand, it was a group of new people forming a bond.

I think a lot of folks weren’t aware of that. Which show do you think will stay with you forever?

Chile was pretty amazing. Everyone was fully into the performance. Despite any reviews you’ve read, I’m on stage and everything is always popping. Our New York Rock The Bells stop when Chris Rock, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Switch Beatz, Alicia, Mary J. Blige, Jerry Wonder and everybody else came onstage with us is a moment I’ll never forget. I wasn’t in awe, but I knew it was a big moment.


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