Tour Stories: DJ Rampage Talks Rehearsal With Lauryn Hill [Pg. 2]


Can you describe your relationship with her?

I would say from the jump, we had a good relationship. From there, everything went through her people. Basically, it was a brand-new band, maybe one or two members were from her former band. But the majority were new to the team. She was still looking for new keyboard players, guitarists, etc. It really was nonstop work since that meeting. We started practicing at her spot like every other day.

So you were actually going to her house?

It’s called the music house or rehearsal house. That’s where we practice, brainstorm ideas and everything. Mentally, I prepared myself for it. She welcomed us in and was very direct from the beginning.

Did she request that you call her Ms. Hill?

Well I’ll tell you this, where I was born and raised [Belize], I had no choice on whether or not to call a woman older than me by “Ms.”So I have no problem with it. But she never asked me to address her a certain way.

During rehearsals, were you asked for your input?

For the most part she knew what she wanted to do. And at the end of the day, it’s her show and we’re there to do what she wants. We’re working for her. That’s the way it was. You got to understand the rehearsals were going down a week or two before we were supposed to hit the road, so it was really intense. We were grinding out everyday, trying to get everything perfect.

What did you first notice about her?

I’d say she’s really determined to have her music sound exactly how she wants. There really was no room to tell her, ‘No we can‘t do this’ or ‘play the drums this way’. And we all respected that from that bat. I boil it down to her just being determined.

Honestly, did all the rumors circulating about her give you any kind of preconceived notions?

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