Urban Decay Fall 2010 Lip Junkie Lipgloss Collection


Cue Ryan Leslie’s “Addiction,” ladies, because I’m about to leave you lusting for a fix of the new Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss collection.

Each of the Lip Junkie lip glosses features a minty taste (quite reminiscent of Cover FX’s Mint FX Lip Treat-Mint and Primer but with a more intense cooling effect) and the formula boasts Maxi Lip, a collage boosting ingredient that plumps lips without any uncomfortable tingling or burning. Typically, I scurry away from plumping glosses because the tingling is so unbearable, but here there’s no such sensation — it’s all gain, no pain.

All eleven Lip Junkie lip gloss shades feature a sheer finish, allowing you to layer the color to create the desired intensity. Plus, while so many glosses focus on disco-ready shimmer, only a few of these colors feature a glittery finish. The most shimmer-packed option is Midnight Cowboy, a sheer rose beige with clear pearlescent bits featuring a prismatic effect. The other shimmer-tinged shades feature just a touch of stardust to give the colors dimension, rather than being so saturated as to create a gumdrop-like texture. These shades are: Heavy, a russet-y nude brown with a hint of sparkle; Jilted, a punchy magenta pink with light blue-toned pink pearls; Perversion, a NASA-ready obsidian black with glimmering white and silver particles; Naked, a pearl pink nude color with a touch of glitz; and Runaway, a shimmering coral red.

The sheer colors, meanwhile, manage to deliver punchy color with a vinyl-like finish. These colors include: Crush, a sheer, Marilyn-worthy hot pink; Love Junkie, a soft Merlot-esque, plum-y wine hue; Red Light; a candy apple red; Peroxide, a light pink; and Wallflower, a sepia-tinged nude.

[Source: Sicka Than Average]

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