V Premiere: Saigon ‘Bring Me Down’

The wait is over. Saigon’s Greatest Story Never Told—a long shelved project that he’s called the best rap album of the past two decades—is finally slated for release. And the full opus is magnificent, powered by big beats (courtesy of Just BlazeBuckwild and Kanye West) and pensive rhymes about the street’s pitfalls (“Enemies”), crooked ministers (“Preacher”) and neglected children “Oh Yeah (Our Babies)”.

VIBE was in the building last night for an intimate first listen, and The Yardfather slid off this new single from the LP, “Bring Me Down,” a rock-infused bounce-back track about how Sai rebounded from his Atlantic Records fallout. Take a listen, and mark your calendars for The Greatest Story Never Told: Feb. 15, 2011. Trust, it’s well worth the wait. —John Kennedy