Wesley Snipes Headed to Jail For Tax Evasion

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Wesley Snipes’ next role isn’t on the big screen, it will be in real life as Prisoner No. 43355-018, serving a three-year jail sentence.

The Associated Press is reporting that a federal judge evoked bail, rejected a new trial, and ordered the 48-year old actor to report to prison by the U.S. Marshal Service for failing to file tax returns.

Snipes reportedly earned more than $38 million since 1999 but had filed no tax returns or paid any taxes through 2006.

It is not clear when the Brooklyn Finest star will be ordered to surrender to authorities and begin serving time.  An attorney for Snipes said that they plan to appeal the ruling if a 2nd new trial was denied. The spokesperson also told the Orlando Sentinel that, “Wesley is very disappointed but staying strong and positive.” —Ronke Idowu Reeves


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