When Keeping It Randy Goes Wrong


You know the one cat in the gym. He’s the uber athlete with D-1 athleticism, but he’s not playing D-1, because he was uncoachable and his coach didn’t go to bat for him when the D-1 coaches came around. He can jump out of the gym, but has no clue what a mid-range jump shot is. He’s all dunks and threes. He has all the tools, but just doesn’t quite understand how to play the game. It’s the exact same thing with Randy Moss and “the man”.

Randy Moss’ troubles this season come down to two things, he caught feelings and he’s very outspoken.

The talk this season was that Randy Moss was about to go ape with this being his contract year and all. Nothing is scarier than a motivated Randy Moss. But Randy Moss wants it his way, and he wanted a new deal from the Patriots at the beginning of the season. It didn’t help when Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady was given a four year $48.5 million dollar contract extension the day before the season began. After Brady’s extension, of course, Randy caught feelings and took to the media….after a win citing that he didn’t feel appreciated.



You know Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, shut that down quickly, as Randy quickly retracted his comments. All was semi – well in New England, as Moss put Darrelle Revis in a screenshot on laptops all over the country, and did the Buffalo Bills dirty with a two touchdown performance.

No one saw it coming when Randy Moss was traded to the Minnesota Vikings. Many cited that Moss had an incident with Tom Brady or members of the Patriots coaching staff, both notions were denied by Brady and the coaches. It was supposed to be the second coming of Jordan and Pippen in the NFL with Favre and Moss, but it was more like Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady…a bunch of nothing. The Vikings won one game with Moss, and of course much of that blame goes to head coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre, but Randy will write checks with his mouth that his ass can’t cash. Case in point his press conference two days ago after his Vikings faced his former team, the Patriots.



Different reports are coming out that Randy had a few incidents with people in Minnesota and even went at a few coaches after the loss, apparently upset that they didn’t listen to his advice on how to beat the Patriots. Add all this with his love fest of his former coach in Bill Belichick during his press conference and the fact that the Vikings are 2-5, it doesn’t surprise me that Moss was cut from the Vikings two days later.

Stupid! That’s all I have to say about this. I love Randy Moss and grew up watching him as a kid and am still a big fan of him…as a player, ON THE FIELD. It’s frustrating to see someone with so much “game” on the field have so little “game” off the field. If Randy keeps his mouth closed in New England, he stays with a championship team who might very well win the Super Bowl ring that has eluded his career. Also, Randy gets a contract extension prolonging his career and adding a few more millions to his bank account. 

He was given a second chance with another Hall of Fame quarterback, granted his new team was in shambles, but they are still a playoff team in the weak NFC division. But Randy talked himself out of that situation as well. Keeping it real has gone wrong for Randy Moss. The “man” will put up with you as long as you are making him money and not causing him problems. Many people do not enjoy working for the “man” so they start their own business. In the case of Randy Moss, he can’t go play in his own football league and make millions of dollars. He has to deal with several bosses that hold his future in his hands. It’d be wise not to kiss ass, but at least show respect to these bosses who are in control of your livelihood.

Randy has never played the game off the field well at all. It’s hard to play the game well when you get emotional and catch feelings. Emotional decisions are often the wrong decisions, and when you take your emotions out of decisions and make rational decisions you are often making better choices.

Women are known to be more emotional than men. Several big name sports figures are comparing Randy Moss to a stripper or a gorgeous girl with a head case in terms of being a top dog wide receiver that you enjoy while you have him, but you never make a long-term commitment to him because he will ruin you or your team. Funny, but true.

If Randy Moss were my brother or close friend, I’d tell him to shut up and man up. Things aren’t always going to go your way, and that doesn’t mean go tattle tell which is what he does to the media with these press conferences. Play the game and use them like they are using you. They aren’t going to be around after your career is over so get as much out of them as you can. If you keep your mouth shut and play hard you will be paid very well for a few more years. I mean he is 33 years old and probably only has three years left in his career to be honest.

To all my “I’m my own man” people…own your own business so you can work for yourself. To all the college and professional athletes who’s futures are in the hands of another person, keep your mouth shut and play the games, the game on the field and the game off the field to the best of your abilities. –Richard Boadu

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