When Twitter Goes Wrong: #ThingsBlackGirlsDo Brings The Ignorance


We’ve seen plenty of trending topics come and go through Twitter, but #thingsblackgirlsdo has seemed to linger a lot longer in people’s conversations and thoughts than others. If black girls rock, then why do tweeters (even celebs) feel the need to negatively stereotype and drag down black females? Here’s one chocolate girl’s take…


Fresh off of one of the best weekends ever for Black women, some twitter users found a way to blow our collective high. Yesterday, the trending topic, “#thingsblackgirlsdo,” reared it’s ugly, stereotype-fueled head and made us wonder, why Black women are always on the receiving end when Twitter attacks.

First Lil Duval’s tasteless meme, #itaintrape brought the goons out, and now this. I admit, I was afraid to click on the topic because I already knew it wouldn’t be pretty. For all of its good, the interwebs have served as sort of an asshole meet-up and when topics like this surface, they come out in droves.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter. I love that it’s allowed me to meet some of the most amazing, creative, and intelligent people from around the world. But even my extraordinary timeline couldn’t shield me from the foolishness of #thingsblackgirlsdo.

When #thingsblackgirlsdo surfaced yesterday morning, I braced myself for the inevitable: stereotypes on steroids. I was hoping that at least some of the things would be comical. Perhaps there’d be something about black girls being loud, or black girls giving brothas the side-eye, or even black girls and our hair. But I wasn’t ready for the vitriol hurled at Black women…

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