Year In Review: The 10 Most Disappointing Rappers Of 2010


The Case: There really aren’t too many bad things you can say about Dr. Dre. After all, the man pretty much pioneered the West Coast G-Funk sound. Since releasing the follow up to his seminal debut album in ’99, the Hip-Hop community has begged for another release from the good doctor to no avail.

The Verdict:  Earlier this year, Dre stated that his official third album Detox would be arriving before Christmas. But with constant delays and an absent release date, hope was quickly diminishing and rumors that the  producer won’t make his return before this 365 day cycle is up are running rampant. Furthermore, fans reamain in disbelief as the LP’s only leaked single, a track titled “Under Pressure” (feat. Jay-Z), sonically mimics a cheesy dance track circa well 2001.

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