YouTube Comedian Gunned Down In New Orleans Street


Comedian, rising bounce rapper and YouTube sensation Anthony “Messy Mya” Barré was shot and killed in New Orleans late Sunday evening (Nov. 14). The 22-year-old, 4th Ward native was not a shy character, often times hilariously provoking family, friends and strangers through “booking,” or cracking jokes, on the “Messy Cam.”

According to various new reports, as Barré was leaving a baby shower hosted for his girlfriend, several shots rang out leaving him dead face down near the intersection of N. Rocheblave and St. Anthony streets. A picture of the victim was soon circulated across social media networks, mainly Twitter, but has now has been considered as a possible clue to the identity of the gunman. 

This tragedy comes on the heels of one of final tweets and the death of close friend:

#randomthought: I wonder what people be thinkin bout just before they are bout to die.

Thousands of fans have taken to social media networks to show love and support for the passing of this self-made star. 

The investigation and funeral arrangements are still pending.