1. Inception


The Premise: Leonardo DiCaprio plays a man who enters the minds of other men to steal their ideas. But then DiCaprio’s chararacter is hired by a billionaire, portrayed by Ken Watanabe to do the opposite of what he usually does; implant an idea inside a rival man’s head to make him believe it was his own.

The Payoff: Inception is cut from the same cloth as the mind-bending cult classic, The Matrix. The premise sounds simple enough but the when you’re infiltrating someone’s dreamscape the worlds between dream and real time can be blurred. Buildings lean, streets curl and characters float in the process. If you think you might get lost, don’t worry it’s on DVD so you can always rewind. But just know this: Inception was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, who wrote and directed the brilliant Memento, the impressive Batman Begins and dazzling The Dark Knight, so you know its got to be good.  

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