2010 Census Shows Sore Loser Republicans Might Win In 2012


Republicans have been extra ornery since Obama won but the 2010 Census shows that their whining might turn into revelry once we hit the 2012 campaign trail.

From Fox News: The results based on the census bureau’s latest head count appeared to set the stage for potential Republican gains in Congress in the next cycle, with GOP-leaning states in the South and West picking up seats while liberal strongholds lost representation across the board. Whether and to what degree those partisan gains materialize will depend in part on how state legislatures redraw the congressional districts next year.

But the representational shift will also tilt the presidential race, as those states gaining House seats gain more clout in the Electoral College. Though the growth of GOP-leaning states gives a built-in advantage to the Republican nominee in the 2012 election, it also potentially changes the playing field for the race as a whole. Candidates from both parties may spend more time wooing the larger populations in western and southern states while shying away from the regions with less influence.

Part of this shift is because the red states have seen tremendous population growth, which reflects a larger demographic trend where US residents are moving to warmer climates. For a more detailed break down of representation in each state, check out Christian Science Monitor.