3 Ways Wesley Snipes Can Survive Prison (Pg. 4)


3) Remember, There’s Always The Comeback

Even before his tax fiasco, Snipes had seen his stock dive dramatically as a major Hollywood player as he was reduced to dropping a string of straight-to-DVD films (7 Seconds, Hard Luck, The Detonator, and The Contractor just to name a few).  But as he proved in 2008’s otherwise uneven Brooklyn’s Finest, the vastly talented Snipes can still command the big screen. Outside of Johnny Depp, you would be hard pressed to find a multi-talented thespian that is equally adept at pulling off a riveting crime drama (New Jack City), a sentimental tear-jerker (The Waterdance), sidesplitting comedy (White Man Can’t Jump), and a swaggering action hero vehicle  (the aforementioned Blade trilogy). If the previously incarcerated Robert Downey Jr. can rise from his own drug-addicted ashes to return to leading man glory, why can’t Snipes? Tinsel Town loves a good ol’ fashion comeback (also see: Drew Barrymore, John Travolta, and Mickey Rourke). Let’s hope that Snipes has a great agent when he becomes a free man.

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