5 Ways To Rock Your Locs


If your locs have been boring you and you’ve been looking to spice ‘em up a bit, here are five gorgeous ways to step up your styling game.

1. Color

Now now, no one is saying you have to go as bright red a Rihanna or as blonde as Mary J. Blige. But you’d be surprised at what a little bit of color can do your face. Not to mention, when it comes to hair color, the options are endless. You can dye the front, highlight a few locs, dye the tips or toss in a couple of colors.

2. Cut

A short do can look good on anyone, even a loc rocker. If you find that your shoulder to waist -ength locs are becoming more cumbersome with each each day, try chopping them off. You can take your look back and rock an asymmetrical bob a la the 1980s, or a pixie cut. Not liking the idea of going shorter all over? Try a bang. Or if you’re really feeling like you need something completely different, why not shave off half of your locs for a more edgy look?

3. Curl 

Curly locs aren’t just for fancy shmancy occasions. Depending on the length and thickness of your locs, you can use perm rod rollers or even pipe cleaners to go from my straight locs to a head full of curls. Best thing about the curls? They can withstand virtually any kind of weather element. From Florida’s humidity to Colorado’s sub-zero temps, you can trust that your curly locs will stay in tact.

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