Alf Drops N-Bomb During Outtakes, Producer Says No Big Deal


An outtake reel from the 80s TV show Alf surfaced online earlier this featuring the puppet (voiced by creator Paul Fusco) making sexually charged comments and using other profane language, including dropping the N-bomb six times.

TMZ spoke with Steve Lamar who was associate producer on ALF for three years and his response was, “You’re talking about 20 years ago when the world was not so ridiculously PC. Anyone that’s offended needs to lighten up already.” Really, though? In addition to dropping the N-word, there were so many other things wrong with those outtakes. Clearly, Paul Fusco has issues and they’re not related to Tourette’s Syndrome.

It’s attitudes like that of Steve Lamar that contribute to the disparity in Hollywood when it comes to diversity. Do you think that would fly if there were Black people on set? Nah.

The general attitude is always that people need to lighten up. However, sometimes people need to be called out too ie Fusco, and anyone on set who allowed that psychotic behavior in general (by laughing at him and encouraging that behavior). This was just stupid. Sure, this happened 20 years ago but it’s not that far fetched from something that could happen today. It makes you wonder what else goes unspoken behind the scenes of some of your favorite TV shows.

What do you think?

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