‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams On Her Reality Portrayal & Her Hubby’s Baby Mama Rumors

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Jennifer Williams is the bonafide wife of Basketball Wives, she’s the spouse of former Charlotte Bobcat Eric Williams. But there’s much more to the story of this college educated businesswoman. Williams, the owner of Flirty Girl Fitness studio, checked in with VIBE to discussed how she’s portrayed on Wives and how she’s handling the drama that Eric allegedly fathered a child outside their marriage.—Ronke Idowu Reeves

VIBE: Is what we see of you in Basketball Wives an accurate portrayal of who you really are?

The portrayal of me is accurate but there are a lot of things you don’t see about me on TV, like how I am with my family and friends. Being a basketball wife isn’t the only thing that defines me. I’m many other things and I hope that you get to see some of the other stuff this season. But overall, I think the show is a pretty accurate portrayal of me. I carry myself in a way that I’m happy about. With season one the show was only a half hour and you didn’t get to know each of the girls but with season two being an hour long I hope with the way it’s edited you’ll get to know us better.


What are some things the public doesn’t know about you that you’d like them to know?

I’m a very caring person and I love very hard. On TV you see the negative things that I’m going thru in my marriage. Someone tweeted me the other day that I needed to get a backbone. And I felt like, ‘How could you say that when you don’t even know the whole story?’ And I feel like that’s the curse of being on TV— the audience is never going to know the full story.