‘Basketball Wives’ Star Tami Roman Broke After Divorce; Fights With Cast

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After divorcing NBA player Kenny Anderson, the newest addition of VH1’s Basketball Wives Tami Roman was left broke and caring of her two daughters with government assistance. The couple split after rumors of Anderson’s infidelity surfaced. 

In the Dec. 12 premiere of the second season, viewers will get an inside look to see how Roman and Anderson make an effort to rebuild their lives for the sake of their childen. 

Roman tells PopEater: “If you just put Kenny and I in a room, with no mediator, there’s no telling what would happen. It hasn’t always been an amicable situation. We haven’t been proper parents in how we deal with each other, and that has taken a negative effect on his relationship with my daughters.” 

Despite having to mediate family issues, Roman manages to get herself into some pretty major fights with other wives on this season. 

“I’m very outspoken and say it like it is. Some people can’t deal with that, so it erupts into the fights,” she says. 

If you think Tami has a familiar face, you’re right. She reality star was a roommate on The Real World: Los Angeles that aired back in 1993. – Niki McGloster

Watch the trailer below to see what’s in store for Tami and the other women this season: