Blinky Blink Remembers Huddy Combs, Talks Harlem World Reunion


Harlem World’s Blinky Blink reflects on memories with Huddy Combs and why he’s reuniting Harlem World

It was difficult but I kept Huddy 6 in my mind. Hud was real good at connecting people. I felt like this was his way of saying, “Listen, what more do yall want?” Hud is real cocky. He always talk high, with real confidence. He’d be like, “What more do y’all want now? I done had a parade (get link). Y’all need to get back together and do it again. Use my name, get my son involved…” So when I was reaching out to everybody, I just had him in mind and how he would want it. Somebody has to do it. I knew Hud way before music and he was always just like, a real eager and unique person. He always ceased the moment. He was like, this is the last shot, everything is your last shot. Remember, the Harlem World project was done like 10 years ago. Hud kept the Harlem name alive. He hung out with Benzino but still screaming ‘Harlem World’. Him and Cam was real tight from way back when they were kids.

Me and Hud was close cus you never know somebody until you lived with them. Before the Harlem World project it was me and Mase, but Cam and Jim… we were on Puff’s tour, but then Hud just came one day. I was like ‘Yo, where you going?’ [Laughs] He was like, ‘I’m going on tour! I’m up out of here!’ You see what I mean about cease the moment? I was like, ‘You don’t have no clothes or nothing?’ He was like, ‘I’m out of here.’ He didn’t have nothing, just a white T-shirt, some sweats…he just went on tour. I was like, ‘Where you gonna sleep at?’ He was like, ‘Maaaann…’ This was when we were like a family, Cam, Jim, Mase. Mase was big, but Cam was just coming up. Mase ain’t really change until later on. But Hud just came, I was buggin’ cus he came with no clothes. You on tour you leaving, you bouncing from city to city. He got a T-shirt and would iron his I-shirt everyday, it was crisp! Me and him shared a room and he would wake up in the morning like, ‘Yooo, order room service. Make sure you get an iron.’ [Laughs]. He would just iron his clothes all the time, just iron his clothes.

 He did a lot that a lot of people really don’t know. Cam and Mase was going through it, he squashed that. He squashed a lot of things in Harlem. —As told to Datwon Thomas


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