Boi-1da Talks New Drake Album, Bow Wow And Keri Hilson Tracks + Soulja Boy’s Album Sales


Coming in at #2 on VIBE’s producer of the year list, Boi-1da earned the silver by lending his talents to Drake and Eminem’s biggest singles of the year — “Over” and “Not Afraid.” Finishing 2010 off strong, the Toronto based composer also helped Keri Hilson and J. Cole make beautiful music together (“For Bayou”) and gave Rick Ross and Ludacris a dream come true (“Black Man’s Dream”).  A few days before Christmas, VIBE caught a line out to the 24-year old beatsmith who spoke on his recent hits and future projects. —Mikey Fresh.


VIBE: Tell me about how you linked with Bow Wow for his new single.

Boi-1da: Well, we actually met through Twitter. He reached out one day and showed mad love. He just told me that he was down to work with me, and I felt the same way. We had a lot of mutual respect for each other, so I sent him a batch of beats and he called me back saying that he used every single one of them, which is the first time that I heard anyone ever say that. So I was just really excited about everything. I actually haven’t had a chance to hear the finished song yet though.

Did you craft it specifically for him?

A few of the beats I made specifically for him. But the majority of them have a bouncier feel. I’ve also been working with Busta as well. He brings the fire every time. I’m definitely going to be on his new album—I’m always sending Busta beats, he’ll just call me out of nowhere and play me stuff over the phone.

How do you feel about being nominated for twi Grammys this year?

Of course it feels great, last year me and Drake were up for one with “Best I Ever Had”. We didn’t win, but it’s a new year and we worked harder, so I’m just hopeful.

You’re also up for one with Eminem, did you ever think you would make it this far in such a short time?

Never, the craziest thing is that I’m like one of the biggest Eminem fans. It’s surreal to actually think that this is happening. First, I was just in awe to be doing a song with him and to be talking to Em and him respecting my music.  Now, that we’re up for a Grammy it just makes everything realer. The world knows now. It’s an honor and a humbling experience as well.

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