Brandy Speaks About New Album & Why She Felt She Won 'Dancing With The Stars'

We saw you working on your upcoming album on the first season of Family Business. What kind of sound can we expect from your new release?

I’m about to sign my record deal, but I can’t say with who until it’s finalized. You’ll know pretty soon. And the songs I’ve been working on have been amazing. I just want to get back to my roots with this album. My last album was more pop and it didn’t really have the R&B core that I wanted it to have. Of course you want it to crossover and be played in all formats, but this album will be definitely rooted in R&B. I can’t wait. I have so much to sing about and so much to share. And with this newfound confidence and strength I just want to give it everything I’ve got. I’m just so thankful for the fans that I have, because they’ve really been sticking with me through thick and thin. No matter what I do they go out and support. And I just want to give them something to really be proud of— I just want to deliver an album of substance, filled with heartfelt music and stuff they can dance to and feel good about.

Everybody’s firing up and computerizing his or her vocals with autotunes these days. Will you be using it on your new album?

No, I don’t think so. I love the effect that autotunes gives. I’ve been hearing it everywhere on the radio I love the way it sounds. But I think people want to hear people sing. Reverb, autotunes all that stuff can be used as a little bit of effect here and there, but when you go too far with it you lose who the artist really is and what they sound like. It does sound good, I like listening to it sometimes but I’m old school. I’m really old fashioned. I love the fact that Monica came back did her thing and sang from her heart. And like Jazmine Sullivan. They’re keeping R&B the tone of it, the rhythm of it and blues of it alive. So I definitely want to add my piece to the pot that’s what I’m working on now.

You were visibly disappointed about being voted off Dancing With The Stars this season. And there are still people pissed off that you didn’t win. What are you feelings about that whole experience?

The love that I’ve gotten from that experience has been very beautiful and very supportive. But [in my eyes] I did win. I won something that I thought I lost. I really thought that girl within me, that girl with the fire, that girl with inner confidence, that inner child— I thought she was gone. And with [participating on] DWTS and conquering my fear, it just reawakened me as a person, as a performer and as a creative artist. So in that respect I feel like a champion, I really do.  And I say that humbly because the mirrored ball could have only confirmed who the real winner was in that experience, which is you. And I think everybody on that show is a winner. If you step out there on that stage and do something you’ve never been comfortable doing you are immediately, automatically a winner.

Even your brother Ray J  blasted DWTS on Twitter in your defense when you were voted off.

Yes I know [laughs]. And by doing that Ray blew it for himself with Dancing With The Stars. Ray will never, ever get a chance to be on DWTS after doing that [laughs].

People also speculated that this year's show was more political than usual. Specifically, folks were rumbling that Bristol Palin made it to the semi-finals thanks to the Tea Party. Is that why you think you were voted off?

No. It just wasn’t meant for me to win the show. And as sad as that sounds for me to say, if it was meant to be it would have happened. One of the great things about DWTS is that America can get behind who they fall in love with, they vote for them and watch them progress every week. And the time I left, it was just my time to go. And that’s how I try to look at it, because I don’t want to be bitter or get upset or take away the positive of the whole experience.  The love and support I received since I’ve gotten voted off has been overwhelming. The fans really made me feel like I was a champion, and it's been amazing. That’s why I did it— to inspire people and accomplishing that feat makes me feel blessed. I thank God everyday for the opportunity. I don’t regret going on that show at all.

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