Can The-Dream & Christina Milian Really Still Be Friends?


Christina Milian recently shot the breeze with Wendy Williams and in the process addressed rumors of her reaching a $400 million divorce settlement with The-Dream, one that would allegedly keep her from running her trap in public. Not true. The singer had already shot down the rumors via Twitter but she chose to do it again in a more public forum.

“I have no idea where that rumor came from and it’s completely a rumor. Everything about that is all fictitious… I’m completely allowed to speak about anything I want to.”

She did admit that she and Dream both choose not to bash each other in the media, even though she seems to have more of a reason to. Divorce is hard on everyone—the parents, the kids, the money. A lot of times feuding parents choose to let their anger seep into their relationship with their kids, but Christina’s hoping to avoid that by being civil with the man who allegedly cheated and skeeted.

“We chose to keep it really simple. I really want my daughter to have a father around and to have a friendship adn try to build somewhat of a friendship for my daughter.”

But is this noble or naive? Can Christina and The-Dream really remain friends?