Carmelo Anthony On First Mixtape Release: ‘My Core Audience Is Inner City Kids’


Carmelo Anthony recently marked his 7th season in the NBA with the launch of his latest shoe by the Jordan Brand, The M7, which was released on Nov.20th at retailers nationwide. 

While in NYC over the weekend to play the Knicks, Melo took time out to explain the inspiration behind the release of his first mixtape, Become Legendary, which coincided with the launch of his sneaker.

“I didn’t think I was connecting to my core group, my core audience which is inner city kids who are on the computer all day, every day—who want to hear new music. I just said I need to do something different and put a mixtape out.  Once I tweeted it and put it out there, everybody had thought I had my own mixtape with me rapping. But I don’t do none of that [laughs].” 

While Melo isn’t spitting on Become Legendary, he displays his ear for music and enlisted a number of rap legends as well as some bubbling artists to take part.

“With Big Sean doing what he’s doing—being up and coming and the song that he put on the mixtape was powerful, and I think it fit the message what we were trying to get out there. And then that Nas track really put it over the top,” he continues.

“I just reached out to a couple of guys I had contacts with like Sheek Louch, Ghostface, Styles P, Cappadonna—they all came to Denver and laced their tracks in my studio. It just felt good this time, putting that mixtape together. So hopefully I’ll get a chance to do another one on a bigger scale. “

Carmelo also shared his sentiments about continuing on with his music ventures.

“I think I just want to bridge the gap between sports and entertainment. Because they go hand and hand—without entertainment there’s no sports and without sports there’s no entertainment.”—Storm